A Tax Accountant that comes to you

It’s my job as a tax agent and accountant to ensure that your business is able to claim the highest possible amount of business deductions, resulting in you paying as little tax as possible. In many cases I can best do my job by getting a first hand experience of my clients’s businesses. Almost every business is different whether in subtle or not so subtle ways and learning the intricacies of your business ensures that come tax time, I can achieve the best possible result for you.

I personally like to visit a client’s business sites as I get a better understanding of their business operations by doing so. Calling out to site I get to meet key employees, look at their processes, get an idea of the assets of the business and where they might fit into the business.

For example, I have one client who is in the business of heavy scrap metal removal from various mines around Central Qld. I went with this client to some of the mine sites over the period of a couple of days and got a real understanding of some of the challenges they have in their business. I went with the client when they purchased their excavators to understand why they need to have all the extras put on the equipment for their health and safety requirements.

I will call out to a client whenever they need help with business processes such as setting up accounting software, discussions with their banking managers when arranging finance, negotiations with the sale of their business to possible purchases and representation during any legal proceedings if needed.

I will visit my client at any time they think I may be of assistance to them in their business, whether it be to have discussions with employees, business associates in relation to their business processes or representing them at their financiers premises for finance.